Last Updated: 25 April 2021

Bakstage FAQ is available here

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  1. Be real: Bakstage is a fun casual space for people to interact with real people via real audio conversations. It's important to use real identity and keep the conversation authentic. Bakstage is about “Real People having Real Conversations”.
  2. Use relevant Bakstage for your voice room: There are multiple bakstages already available in the Bakstage app on various topics - movies, shows, sports, politics etc. When creating a new voice room stick to the context of the Bakstage again which you are creating the voice room. e.g. you should not create a Cricket related voice room in the bakstage of the movie “The Matrix” unless Keanu Reeves is playing cricket ;)
  3. Be courteous as a speaker: In a voice room you might share the speaker stage with multiple other speakers for diverse interesting conversation, be courteous to let others speak and wait for your turn as speaker.
  4. Keep chat clean: Chat in the voice room is for speakers and listeners to share interesting thoughts via text. You should not engage in any vulgar comment, spam, abuse, bullying or harassment of any person using chat or audio in a voice room.
  5. Report bad behavior: To report an incident related to a person, tap on the user in the voice room. On the user’s mini profile click on the “Report” button to submit an incident against the user. In Bakstage snitches do not get stitches.
  6. No Spamming or spreading false information: You should not spread any false information or spam the voice room conversation.
  7. No discrimination: You should not discriminate against a person or group of people in chat or voice room conversation.
  8. Remove bad apple: Host can remove a user from the voice room if the user is disrupting the quality experience of the voice room.
  9. No Recording: You should not record or transcribe the audio conversation happening inside the voice room using the phone’s in-built or external recording sources. If you are the host you can choose to record the conversation and Bakstage explicitly shows that the room is being recorded.
  10. Keep your mic muted: As a courtesy, if you are not speaking please keep your mic muted by using the mute button, it also helps to suppress any of your surrounding bakground noise.
  11. Raise your hand: When you raise your hand to speak, the host can reject the request without owing any explanation.
  12. Add Value to Conversation: When joining a voice room conversation as a speaker, try to stick to the topic of the voice room and add diversity to the conversation.